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What is Jute and How Jute Sending To Process?

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

What is Jute?

All of us use sacks, rustic bags, curtains and several other pieces of furniture, which have a lattice-like weave and rough texture. These products are most likely made of jute. But how many of you know what jute is? It is a natural fiber derived from plants. Spin long, soft, shiny fibers into thick and strong threads, and then use them for a variety of purposes. In terms of production, jute is second only to cotton. Due to its color and cost-effectiveness, it is also called "gold fiber".

Jute, also called Golden Fiber.

Jute harvest time usually fall on early August of each year. Jute is bundled then soak in water for 10 days. Then, that is the "real" hard and difficult works about to start..

What is the hard work? They need to extract or strip off the fiber from retted jute stem and

hung out to dry.

The inner stalk also will hung out to dry. (photo below)

After dry, the inner Jute stalk are ready to pick up by truck sending to use for fire or fencing purpose (Photo Below)

The outer dried out fiber will be taken to Jute Mill for processing. (photo below) -

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